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June 28 Update

Erika’s kidney function continues to improve but not quite back to post transplant levels. A few more treatments to go then hopefully home mid week. Thanks for the thoughts and prayers. Will keep updating.

June 25 Update

Quick Update from Erika: still in the hospital and expected to be here for another week or so. Biopsy confirmed rejection TMA which is relatively rare. My treatment plan changes often but I am in very qualified hands. They are constantly reassessing my treatment and...

June 23 Update

It’s been a stressful last few days, Erika’s diagnosis has changed several times. Erika wants everyone to know that she really appreciates all the texts and good thoughts. She hasn’t had the energy to respond in the last couple days but will respond when...

June 20 Update

Erika is back in the hospital. Unfortunately, her body is rejecting the new kidney. Treatment has been started but this may extend over several days. Please keep Erika and her family in your prayers.


Jana is out of donation surgery and did fantastic! No complications and a gorgeous new kidney on its way to a new owner! She will be in recovery for awhile longer and then will head up to the floor later tonight. If all goes well, she will be discharged on Friday. Yo...