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Erika Johnson's Kidney Transplant Information Page

My Story

I was diagnosed in 2000 with a chronic kidney disease which has been, for the most part, treatable with few day-to-day symptoms.  I have been incredibly blessed to have lived 19 years without major complications. When first diagnosed, doctors weren’t sure I’d be able to have children, so I am proud to be a mom of two wonderful (most of the time) boys. This was also the year that I met Kevin, my husband, who has truly been with me in “sickness and in health” throughout this journey. Last year my GFR (kidney function test) dropped below the threshold to be considered for the transplant list and this year I qualified to be listed!

My goal, on the advice of my health care team, is to avoid dialysis by having a living donor or deceased donor ready when needed. Research has shown a kidney from a living donor can last up to twice as long as one from a deceased donor. Unfortunately, I have O+ blood type and a high antigen level (84%) which together make it more difficult to find a good match. As a result, my immediate family and friends have been rejected as donors. Still, my best bet is to find a living donor. 

Interested in Becoming a Living Donor?

Contact Amy Woodard by email at
or by phone 984-974-5768.

Learn about Living Donors

Even if you are not a match for Erika, you can become a donor in paired or chain of donation!  People helping other people!

Make a Tax-deductible Donation

If you are unable to donate a kidney, but still want to help, please consider a tax-deductible contribution via the National Foundation for Transplants. Your donation will help cover donor and transplant related expenses, such cost of travel, time out of work, etc.

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